If you have $150 dollars, you can start a profitable food delivery service!

Do you have a talent for cooking? Have you always wanted to start a business and work from home? If so, this article will answer the question of how do you start a food delivery business from home for under $150 dollars. Let’s go!

It all starts with your menu

Your menu is everything. You want it to be professional. You want it to be clean. Most importantly, you want your menu to be mobile friendly and accessible to everyone. Our menu app will help you create a fabulously professional, clean menu with all the features you need to start selling your food instantly.

Take a look at what your menu will look like on a desktop and mobile below.



No Website Necessary. That’s right. You can get up and running with our simple menu app for restaurants with no website needed. By using the power of a restaurant menu designer, you can show customers that you are a professional and trustworthy option to order food from. Now that you are ready to start making some money, let’s get started on creating your menu.

Create Your Menu

The first thing you want to do is register an account with the most affordable menu app on the planet. Sign up is easy and will take you less than 5 minutes. After registering, you will be taken to a profile screen where you enter in your personal information.

create your menu for restaurants today

Create your profile here

After creating your profile, it’s time to use the restaurant menu designer to create your online menu. The create a menu page will look like this

Create menu using our menu maker for restaurants

Create a menu page

Important notes to remember:

  • The business name, phone number and website you enter in your profile will appear on your live menu
  • Creating a menu helps give your website a backlink and increase your domain authority
  • Use the Preview button on this page to preview your live menu

Your food delivery service is 100% dependent on the menu. Make sure you use professional photos of your food to present your business in the best possible light. Pictures are everything in this industry!

Once your done using the menu app, it’s time to verify the information. Double check that everything is correct! If you see something that needs to be changed, navigate back to the create menu screen to delete or edit your items. Take a look at the screenshot below to see where you edit and delete items create your menu using out menu maker


By clicking edit, the following edit screen below will appear. When your done making the changes, hit update and your done.

the worlds most afordable mobile menu maker

Update your menu in seconds

With Peckee, starting a food delivery business is easier than ever. Now that your online menu is complete, the hard part is over. With just a few more steps, you will be getting orders and making money!

Important note:

  • Your menu will be assigned a custom link that you can share and use to view your menu. You can find your custom link in the URL when previewing your link from the create menu page. As an example, see the screenshot below.

design a restaurant menu with your own custom url

Simply copy your link when ever you want to share your link

Create Your Facebook & Instagram Page

Congratulations on taking the first step to starting a food delivery service. The answer of how to start a food delivery service from home isn’t very complicated at all. Once you use the menu app to create your menu, the rest is easy. The next step is to create your Facebook and instagram page. This is where you will really begin to leverage your menu to find customers.


You can create a Facebook business page or simply use your personal Facebook account. We recommend that you use your personal Facebook page to connect with everyone in your network. The menu app Peckee lets you share your menu to Facebook directly from the platform. Use the section in the image to share your menu to Facebook from the menu app.

share your mobile menu

Share feature under the order button

Alternatively, you can share your menu on Facebook by pasting your link into a post. Don’t forget to be creative and post everyday about your menu.


Instagram is well known for being a source of extremely visual content. For that reason, we recommend that you take extremely delicious photos of your food to make people crave what you have to offer. Take a look below to see an example of what an instagram worthy image looks like

amazing menu app for restaurants

Example of quality instagram images

Purchase Your Packaging Supplies

This is going to be the easiest step in the entire business plan. Styrofoam containers, delivery bags and napkins are extremely cheap. You can find these items at any Walmart. To save even more money, we suggest you locate a restaurant supply store that offers better pricing when you buy in bulk.

Create Your Google Business Listing

Now that your menu is ready to go and your social media pages are locked and loaded, it’s time to create a google business account. This will help people in your area find you and is an invaluable tool you cannot live without. Many hungry searchers will search for words like Puerto Vallarta delivery. Make sure to include keywords in your business description so people can find you in the search results like this.

how to create a food delivery service

example of google business listing

Once your google business listing is up, you will experience an incredible amount of phone calls and requests for delivery. When creating your account, google will ask for your website. This is the perfect place to include your menu link. When visitors click on the website button, they will be taken directly to your menu that holds all the prices and information they need to contact you.

Implement Your Marketing Strategy

Your marketing strategy will determine how successful you are. It’s true that google will send you lots of customers. Also, people will find you on your Facebook pages. Even so, you want to engage in other activities to help spread the word about your new food delivery service. The menu app Peckee has a few features that will help make this job easier. 

Use Peckee to generate your QR code, add it to your flyers and leave your flyers and posters nearby homes and business

Peckee has a feature that allows you to generate a unique QR code that will take people directly to your menu. You can generate your QR code and add it to your flyers and posters. When people scan the code, they will be taken straight to your menu. You can generate your code using the page below

generate a qr code from this page of the restaurant menu designer

Generate QR code page

This is a powerful tool that will help your food delivery business succeed. All the smartphones of today have a QR code scanner in the camera. All you have to do is point your camera at the QR code and be taken directly to the menu. It’s as simple as that! See an example of what we mean below

QR code generated by menu app

Example of full menu QR code printed on your flyer

Add your menu to delivery services like UberEats and others

There are many services that can help you advertise your new food delivery business. By registering with a company like UberEats, you can access a larger amount of people ready to buy your food. Once again, you can use your menu link as your website when registering for services like UberEats and others. 

Tell your friends and family to share your Facebook/Instagram page

One of the biggest benefits of using your personal Facebook page over a business page is that you already have a large network of people ready to buy your food. By sharing your link to your Facebook page, you can effectively get free advertising. 

Once you start to earn some income, you can reinvest in paid ads. This will help you expand your reach even further. 

Always Deliver Quality Food To Maintain Your Reputation

With enough dedication and a good reputation, you can leverage your earnings and status to open a physical location. The sky’s the limit if your food is good and people like your service.  

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