“Because A Picture Is Worth A Thousands Orders” – Peckee 


By now, you already know that mobile is everything. With mobile screen time accounting for over 14% of a person’s day, you need a mobile menu customers can view on the go. While your website may be optimized for mobile, I guarantee you, your menu doesn’t look like this.

Now that you know what a true mobile menu looks like, let’s get started in explaining how to create a restaurant menu that is mobile optimized.


You’re probably thinking, sure that’s great, but how much will this cost me? Let’s get straight to the point by saying the Peckee online mobile menu maker for restaurants costs $10 a month. That’s a one time annual payment of $120 per year. In reality, that’s less than the cost of a night out in the city. Now that you know how affordable this is, let’s continue to make a menu online! 

Create an account in seconds!


Our menu app for restaurants is as simple as can be. You will find this sign up page on our website. Simply enter your details and proceed to create your mobile menu.

signup to design a restaurant menu

Sign up page

Once you get to the payment screen, select the plan for you. The options are pay as you go for $14 a month or a one time payment of $120 per year.

online menu maker for restaurant

Select Your Plan

After making your payment, you will be taken to your profile dashboard. Here is where you will enter your restaurant details in our menu app for restaurants.

create your menu for restaurants today

Create your profile here

Important notes to remember: 

  • The business name, phone number and website you enter here will appear on your public live menu
  • Creating a menu helps give your website a backlink and increases your domain authority

Now that you have created your profile, it’s time to create a menu.


Upload your menu items


Our restaurant menu designer is an incredibly easy and fast platform. To get started creating your first menu, follow the steps below.


Step 1: Enter in your Items Details and Save 

Create menu using our menu maker for restaurants

Create a menu page

Step 2: Preview Your Menu At Any Moment 

mobile menu for restaurant

Check your live menu for errors

Important Tips To Consider 

  • To return to finish creating your menu, click return
  • Your customized URL will be automatically generated and is based on the business name you entered into your profile

Step 3: Review Menu For Inaccuracies and Spelling Errors

Preview your menu to check your items for any mistakes. If you wish to make changes to your menu, remove items, update prices or anything else, hit the return button. You can directly edit and delete items using the right side of the create a menu page.

create your menu using out menu maker

Selecting the delete button will delete an item. Selecting the edit button will take you to the edit screen.

This is the edit screen where you can update your menu in seconds!

the worlds most afordable mobile menu maker

Update your menu in seconds

There you have it. It’s as simple as that. You have just created your mobile menu optimized for desktops and tablets also.

If at anytime you need the link to where your menu is hosted, simply preview your menu from the create a menu section and copy your link from the URL.

design a restaurant menu with your own custom url

Simply copy your link when ever you want to share your link

As one of the most affordable menu makers online, you can access our restaurant menu designer for less than the cost of dinner and drinks for 2.


Important note to remember:

  • Websites like Facebook and others will generate a preview of your menu using the image of the first item you upload. Make sure that the image of your first item is especially captivating.

Now that you have created your mobile menu, what’s the next step? Continue reading. 

Generate QR code 


Peckee is much more than an online menu maker for restaurants. We also serve as a way to enhance your current marketing strategy. If you are sending out mailers, printing flyers or using any marketing collateral at all, there is only so much space you have on paper.


Use our QR code feature to generate a QR code that links visitors directly to your mobile menu. When someone uses their smartphone camera to scan the QR code printed on your flyers, they will be taken directly to your full menu containing your items and contact information.

generate a qr code from this page of the restaurant menu designer

Generate QR code page

This is pretty powerful. Any proper menu for restaurants should be intertwined with technology to help customers access the menu from anywhere, at all times, with ease. Peckee will help you leverage the power of an intuitive menu app for restaurants to revolutionize the way customers find and perceive your business. Take a look at an example of how you can use your QR code.

scan qr code to see full mobile menu

Scan QR code on the mailer to see full menu

Our favorite way to use this QR code is to add it somewhere inside your restaurant. Studies show that when customers see photos of all your items, they are more likely to spend more in a single sitting. Here is one of our favorite ways to add your QR inside your restaurant.

scan menu to see full mobile menu

Scan QR code on in-store ad to see full menu

Share To Facebook 


The power of social media is omnipotent. If you aren’t using the power of social, now is the time. Our restaurant menu designer will help you share your mobile menu directly to Facebook from within the app

share your mobile menu

Share feature under the order button

Once you click on share, you will be taken directly to a Facebook share page. You can enter in your message and share with the world. After you share, the page will automatically close and you will be taken back to your Peckee account. In Facebook, you will see that your post will look like the image below.

share your mobile menu for the world to see

Share feature in action

Add menu link to Your Website, Google


By now, I hope that the question of how to create a restaurant menu is very clear to you. Even so, the fun doesn’t stop here. Peckee does it all. You don’t have to worry about expensive menu apps for restaurants, complicated POS Systems, or outdated templates for menus. Now that you have a beautifully designed mobile menu, you can start adding your customized link to your Website, Google and Yelp. Head over to your live menu and copy the link.

design a restaurant menu with your own custom url

Simply copy your link when ever you want to share your link

You can then paste this link into your Yelp page description, google business description and even on your website. This is how you will increase your takeout orders, triple your foot traffic and increase your revenue by up to 60%. Don’t skip out on this step. 


This is another great way you can promote your restaurant. Hyper local advertising can help stimulate foot traffic better than any other type of marketing. Let’s say that you want to run a Facebook ad.


Head over to Facebook and create your post. At the bottom of your post, you want to paste your link and wait for the preview to populate. It will look like this.

facebook add from our mobile menu app for restaurants

Ad That needs to be cleaned up

After the images populate, you can clean it up by removing the additional images on your post. It’s best to leave the first image only. Then, make sure to delete the link and post. It will look like this

facebook ad from our menu maker

Facebook ad after removing the excess pictures and the physical link

Now you can share and boost your post as an ad. Make sure you utilize hyper local targeting by making your ad visible to only those in your immediate area. For example, if you live in Northern California, but your restaurant is in Hayward, narrow down the targeting from Northern California – Alameda County – Hayward. This is how you will get the best results.

how to create a menu for your restaurant

There you have it. That’s how you create a menu for your restaurant that’s mobile optimized, desktop friendly and tablet ready. Enjoy.


Happy Holidays From The Peckee Team!