What if you could offer your clients greater value for pennies on the dollar. That’s right, pennies on the dollar. We’re so sure that you can use Peckee to increase your revenue that we created an introductory price for only $14. 

That’s right! For $14, you can show your clients how much they need this. When you’ve sold them on the benefits, your price is only $120 per year. Or you can keep going at $14 every month. 

So what is it? Take a look. 

Peckee is the most affordable way to give your clients a digital menu. The benefits are literally endless:

  • Let patrons view your menu on the go
  • Clean and professional menu layout  
  • Increase takeout orders 
  • Stimulate more foot traffic by using enticing images 
  • Link your menu to your website 
  • Add your menu to yelp and google 
  • Share your menu to Facebook directly from the platform 
  • Generate QR code that when scanned takes patrons directly to your menu link 
  • Add QR code to flyers to advertise your full menu in a digital way 
  • Creating a menu with Peckee gives your website a backlink 
  • Add QR code to in-store posters to let customers see the full menu with enticing images 

The list goes on and on…

As A Restaurant Marketer, Why Do I Need This?

Your job is to help clients achieve success. You want to increase their revenue so they continue doing business with you. That is what Peckee was designed for.

Your imagination is the only limit. You can literally use our menu app a thousand ways. 

However, Peckee was created to solve one critical problem. 

How many times have you gone to a restaurants website only to find no images of their food? Or even worse, how many times have you not even seen a menu?

Customers today want to see detailed photos of every item a restaurant has to offer. 

Yelp has done a good job of becoming the standard place to add photos of your food. However, the format isn’t viewer friendly and lets be honest, looking at a photo of a menu isn’t the best way to do things. 

With the menu app Peckee, your clients can now have a full menu with images for every item. It’s more powerful than it sounds!

A loyal customer already knows what you have to offer. But a new customer wants to have confidence that your food is good. That’s what Peckee gives to patrons. It gives them confidence in ordering takeout from you or even coming in to dine. 

Additionally, The Menu App Offers So Much More

When your clients start to notice an increase in to-go orders and foot traffic, they will ask you, what are you doing. 

At that moment, you will be proud to say that you are simply working your magic as a dedicated part of the team. 

We know you can use the system. We know it works. For $14 a month, what do you have to lose?

As A Value-Added Reseller Of Peckee, Life Is Simple

In the past, digital menu apps cost thousands of dollars to operate every year. They were reserved for big hotel chains or large franchise restaurants. Not any longer. 

At $14 a month, Peckee is accessible to everyone. Even the neighborhood entrepreneur that wants to start a food delivery business can use Peckee to get up and running. 

Digitize Your Clients Menu

When your client has their very own digital menu live and alive, their business will take on an air of professionalism. 

Nothing looks more professional than having a digital menu for customers to see at any moment, wherever they are. Take a look at how your menu will look on a mobile device and desktop




Now if you tell me that’s not worth $14 dollars a month, I don’t know what is. Get started with the link below.