Powerful Menu Maker Online

Most restaurants of today lack a fully visual menu that has images of every item you offer. How many times have you went to look at a restaurant online only to find no pictures and a vague text description of the food they offer.
The days of restaurants lacking a visually captivating menu are over. Peckee was created to give restaurants a menu maker and digital home where they can catalog their entire menu for customers to see. Take a look above at the cover image below. That is how our menu maker online Peckee lays out your menu.
All you have to do is upload your photos, prices and the system does the rest.
For less that the price of a pair of sneakers, you can give your restaurant the ultimate online menu that will help picky eaters feel confident in ordering your food for pickup.
The platform also gives you the ability to generate a QR code that will take people directly to your menu. Add this QR code on your flyers, mailers and even to your physical menu. This will help you increase the amount of money each customer spends with you.
Studies show that the more stunning photos your menu has, the more money customers spend. Take advantage of our platform to dramatically increase your revenue. If you arent using Peckee, you arent making as much money as you could.

Don’t leave dollars on the table. A picture is worth a thousand orders.

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