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Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone has questions! That’s a natural part of life. Here are some answers to a few frequently asked questions we get all the time.

Why Do I Need A Digital Menu?

A majority of your orders will come from call in orders to go. If new cusotmers arent able to get a good look at your food, they will hesitate to order. Having a digital menu will help them feel confident in ordering.

What Can I Do With My QR Code?

Your QR code can be downloaded and used inside your restaurant, on your direct mail flyers, around your city and added to your physical menu. This will help customers see your menu on their phone where every they are

How Can I Share My Menu?

You can use the built in Facebook feature to share your menu directly to your Facebook page. Or, you can copy your customized menu link and use it in your ads, put it on yelp, add it to your website or any other place you like.

How To Get Started With it?

Simply click on the registration tab above in the navigagtion bar and sign up. After entering in your details, you will be instructed to select the monthly opetion or the discounted one time, anual payment option.

Can I Put My QR On My Mailers?

Absolutley. This is a great way for customers to quickly see oyur menu when they see your mailer. All they have to do is scan your QR Code with their smart phone camera and they will be taken directly to your menu

Can I Add My QR Code To My Physical Menu?

We highly recommend that you print out a few of your QR codes and add the directly to your physical menu. This will help your customers see pictures before they order. Studies show this will dramatically increase the amount each customer spends in your restaurant.