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The restaurant industry has changed forever. As we begin to reopen businesses and start moving back to some semblance of normalcy, there have been shifts in general business operations. Restaurants are no exception to this rule. And, due to the nature of the restaurant business, they often require a little extra safety to keep customers and employees safe in the wake of the pandemic.

One way that restaurants are starting to keep customers safe is through contactless menu options. These types of menus help keep the community safe and help adhere to the CDC’s reopening guidelines for retail and restaurant businesses. Let’s dive in and take a look at ten different reasons why your restaurant needs a digital menu.

It Keeps Customer Contact To A Minimum

When you walk into a restaurant and pick up the paper menu, you don’t often think about how many hands that menu has passed through before yours. However, the reality of the situation is that those simple laminated pieces of paper are passed from customer to customer! You can’t guarantee that each person had sanitized their hands beforehand, meaning that you could be picking up a menu chock full of germs and bacteria.

By implementing a digital menu, you can avoid this problem completely. Rather than having your menus passed around from customer to customer, your clients can peruse menus from their phones. They can scroll through your app to find exactly what they want without putting your future customers, or themselves, in danger.

It Reduces Risk to Employees

Your customers aren’t the only ones who are at risk when using a physical menu. Your employees are in a tough spot too! They touch the menus just as much as your customers, and each time an employee picks up a menu, whether that’s to clean it or pass it out, they run the risk of picking up germs and bacteria.

Eliminate additional cleaning and stress for your employees by implementing a digital menu app. This way, your employees aren’t touching one more contaminated object and therefore exposing themselves to new germs. Instead, they’re able to simply and easily manage orders and guide customers through the menu without worrying about more cleaning protocols.

Mobile Menus Allow for Easy Updates

Think about how long much time and money is spent updating a paper menu. First, you have to hunt through your store and make sure you’ve thrown away all the old paper menus. Next, you need to pay to have each menu reprinted with new prices, items, or other changes. And then you’ll have to wait for the menus to arrive at your store! All that hassle adds up to a lot of time and money wasted.

With a mobile menu, you’re able to quickly make changes to your menu on the spot. Rather than hunting down menus, submitting them for printing, and waiting for them to arrive, you can simply log in to the backend of your app and get to work tweaking whatever needs to be changed. Plus, you cut down on printing costs and service fees.

You Can Reduce Paper Waste

It’s 2020, and while that means we’re making lots of progressive steps forward, it also means that the need to reduce greenhouse gases and preserve our environment is greater than ever. When it comes to waste and byproducts, paper waste is a huge issue our society is facing. Outdated menus that are constantly getting thrown away for updates is one way of creating ever more paper waste.

The good news is that mobile menu apps eliminate this problem. Rather than dealing with increasing mounds of paper waste, you’re able to cut back on the trash your company produces and take things online.

Put Your Business In Front of Customers

Did you know that 60% of consumers find things by researching online? That’s right! And if that’s the case, why waste time creating menus that your customers won’t be able to find digitally?

Contactless menu apps allow you to create digital restaurant menus that your customers can access right from their pockets. And, with a digital restaurant menu, you’re able to grow your digital presence and start drawing in customers. The more places you are online the more likely you are to pop up in search engine results.

Create A Better Customer Experience

The customer experience is key to your restaurant’s success. After all, without people to buy your food, you don’t have a business! A restaurant mobile app is designed with your customers in mind. You can create your menus to be more visually appealing, more readable, and more accessible to your customers.

Improve your customer’s experiences with a restaurant menu app that makes your business more accessible and more exciting for your customers.

Create Custom Branding

One of the many caveats of physical restaurant menus is that you’re often limited with what you can do on the menu. Perhaps your printing company charges extra for colors. Or maybe there’s a character limit associated with the job. These issues can mean that you’re not able to customize and brand your menu the way you want.

Since restaurant menu apps are completely digital, these problems are done away with. You’re able to add personalizations and company branding to your menu without limitations.

Cut Back On Costs

Part of the limiting factors caused by restaurant menus is the associated costs. After all, printing all those menus can quickly get pricey! With a digital menu, you have a more affordable way to update and enhance your menu, all while using a set fee structure. Instead of wasting money on paper, you’ll throw away, you can put your dollars into a lasting investment for your business.

Get Ahead of Language Barriers

The United States has always been known as a melting pot, but with airplanes allowing for increased immigration, this is more true than ever. And with the rise of immigration is a rise of foreign languages. Think about how many customers you could be missing out on simply because they can’t understand your menu?

Digital restaurant menus allow you to combat this problem by offering in-app translations. You can program your menu so that customers can change the way language they view your menu, ultimately bringing you more customers.

Create Better Food Deliveries

The covid-19 pandemic has led to a huge increase in mobile orders. People are concerned about leaving their homes and putting themselves and their loved ones at risk of infection. As a result, they’re spending more money on deliveries and food couriers.

With a mobile restaurant menu, you can make this a possibility for your business, too! Allow customers to peruse your offerings and get their food delivered to them during this hectic time.

10 Reasons Why Your Restaurant Needs a Digital Menu


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