Digital Menu Generator For The Modern Food Entrepreneur 

“Because A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Orders”

Give your customers what they want. The modern consumer wants clear, enticing photos for every item on your menu. Restaurants that have a clear and concise online menu see an annual 64% increase in revenue. With PECKEE, you can increase your earnings for only $10 per Month

Super Simple & Easy

How many times have you looked at a menu online or in person, only to find no pictures? The truth is, looking at photos before hand gives you confidence in placing an order.

Peckee gives you the power to let customers see exactly what they are ordering before they order it. To create a menu, log in and upload all your photos and information. The system will automatically create a wonderfully designed menu hosted on your own personalized link for patrons to view.

Create The Menu

Quickly add items to your menu. The whole point is to give patrons the ability to see the photos before they order. A simple, yet powerful way to increase your to go orders and enhance the amount each dinner spends with you.

Share You Link

The platform will generate a custom URL where your menu is hosted. Share it on Facebook, add it to Google, put it on Yelp. Now you have a power way to show the world your entire menu in a visually captivating way. After all, a picture speaks 1000 words.

Improve Search Rankings

Here’s where things get interesting! The platform has some amazing SEO properties. As an example, when someone searches for, “Pizza Near Me,” your menu, website and business listings will be more likely to pop up than the competition. Use Peckee to improve your SERP (search engine results page) and start earning more money today.

Create A Menu In 5 Minutes

With our easy to use system, you can create a beautiful showcase of your food items in less than 5 minutes. Simply, upload your pictures, input your details and your done. The system will do the design work for you. Now you have a Digital menu hosted on your custom URL. Why not give your customers what they want. Enticing photos will help your business earn more money per patron. Try it out, its only $10 a month!

Share Your Menu With The World

Share your menu to Social Media straight from the system. You can also take your custom menu link and add it to your Website, Google, Yelp and anywhere else you want. Get people talking about your food by showing, not telling.

Having a visually enticing menu is one thing, but making sure people see it is another. That’s why we built a share function directly into the platform. Don’t stop there, keep sharing your link where ever your customers are. Add your link to business listings, Put your QR code into ads. The more you share, the better.

Simple Yet Powerful

You dont need fancy and expensive software to create a menu. A simple menu generator with the ability to share to Social Media is enough. Try it out, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

“Ask not what you can do for your country. Ask what’s for lunch.”

– Orson Welles

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